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Tuesday, 10 April 2012 12:21

Reported Issues - Crescentrating's Air Travel Prayer Time Calculator

Written by  Crescentrating
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These are some of the issues that have been identified on Crescentrating's Air Travel Prayer Time Calculator. We are working on fixing them and Insha Allah we will post updates here when we fix them.

1. An error in the calculation of the prayer times "before departure" and "after arrival"

Currently the calculator takes into account the Altitude for calculating "before departure" and "after arrival" prayer times as well. This is an error, since at this time the aircraft is on the ground. We will correct this error soon Insha Allah. Currently this error means that the prayer times given for "before departure" and "after arrival" is off by about 10-12 minutes in the case of Fajr/Sunrise and Maghrib timings.

Current Status: Fixed

2. Calculator does not alert when departure and arrival times are incorrect/abnormal

Currently the calculator does not check for any abnormal departure and arrival timings such as having the arrival timing incorrectly entered, or arrival time is much later than what it generally should be (a few dates later!). We will implement a feature to alert users to reconfirm the input details when they look abnormal. In the meantime please ensure the departure and arrival timings you enter are correct.

Current Status: Now it checks some errors

3. Calculation of the prayer times when crossing the International Dateline, such as the example indicated below by one of the users

"From Singapore to Los Angeles, leaving Singapore at 16.20 (Singapore time) and Arrive Los Angeles, on the same day at 16.50 (LA Time). Effectively, the flying time is exactly the same as the time difference between Singapore and Los Angeles, which is 15 hrs. The results of Air Travel Prayer Time Calculator shows that there is no Salaath due during the time. However, in reality, we are experiencing the complete cycle of sun down and sun-rise. That is, we are encountering Maghrib, Isha, Fajr, Zuhur and arrive at Asr time of local Los Angeles time during the 15 hrs flight time. My question is, does it mean that we only need to consider the fact that we have prayed Asr for the day before departure, and when we arrive it is also Asr time of the same day, so we can skip all of the Salaath even though we saw that all salaath is due while we are in the air ?

We are looking into this issue. Insha Allah we resolve it to indicate the other salaath times during the flight.

Current Status: Fixed


Last modified on Saturday, 18 May 2013 11:21

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