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The World's Leading Authority on Halal/Muslim Friendly Travel - Connecting you to the Muslim Traveler

CrescentRating is the trailblazing travel and tourism business that has been enabling its clients to increase sales and profitability by effectively connecting with the niche and lucrative Halal conscious Muslim traveler.

Since 2009, we have been driving sales and profitability for a broad range of our clients across the globe by enabling them to better connect with the Muslim traveler. Our in-depth understanding of the lifestyle, behaviour and specific needs of the Muslim traveler has enabled us to ensure our clients identify the right approach to effectively appeal to the hearts and minds of the Muslim traveler and capture a significant share-of-wallet of this segment.

Whether you are a tourism board, a hotel chain, a mall operator, an airport, a hospital or a tourist attraction, we can provide an array of services that enable you to evaluate your current offerings and build your capabilities to better appeal to the Halal conscious Muslim traveler.

Who can benefit from our expertise


Understand the Muslim Travelers

We offer an extensive suite of onsite workshops, training modules and webinars that enable you and your staff to better service the Halal-conscious Muslim traveller.


Adapt products and services

We help you evaluate your current offerings and offer strategic recommendations for improvements. Our rating helps you benchmark your services and facilities.


Reach out to the Market

We help destinations and businesses effectively connect with the Muslim traveller. These include Destination Marketing Strategy development, Muslim Visitor Guide development, etc.

CrescentRating Standards

Crescentrating Standards

CrescentRating is the globally recognized independent rating and accreditation standard for Halal-friendly travel services. Our ratings and accreditations are trusted by a growing audience of Halal-conscious leisure and business travelers who rely on our insights to make key travel decisions for themselves and their families. Contact us now to get your services and facilities CrescentRated.

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Annual Ranking

Every year, we rank holiday destinations around the world based on their overall Halal/Muslim-friendliness. Rankings are based on in-depth research and analysis of data such as the availability of Halal food, prayer facilities and Muslim-friendly accommodation options. Browse through our rankings over the years.

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CrescentRating News


MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index 2015 Has Been Released!

Written byHamendra
on 04 March 2015

MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index 2015 has finally been released, with a new and updated list of the top Muslim-friendly destinations for the year.

One Year Ago - A Throwback to GMTI 2014

Written byHamendra
on 03 March 2015

 The best destinations for Muslim travellers for 2015 will be revealed by  MasterCard-Crescentrating Global Muslim Travel Index in just a few hours! Last year, the rankings of the top Muslim-friendly destinations were released on the 18th of February and had the destinations separated into the two categories of OIC destinations and non-OIC destinations. Several factors and criteria were taken into...

GMTI 2013: The Top Muslim-Friendly Destinations in 2013

Written byHamendra
on 03 March 2015

The MasterCard-Crescentrating Global Muslim Travel Index 2015 will soon reveal the best destinations for Muslim travellers this year, when it is launched on the 4th of March 2015 with new and updated rankings.  In 2013, CrescentRating released Halal-friendly travel scores for the first time for each destination. Crescentrating's Halal Friendly Travel (CRaHFT) Score is based on a scale of 1 to...

A Look Back at GMTI 2012

Written bySubhashini
on 27 February 2015

The launch date of GMTI 2015 is just 4 days away and the rankings of the best Muslim-friendly destinations for 2015 will be released on the 4th of March! CrescentRating has been releasing rankings for Muslim-friendly destinations since 2011. It was in 2012 when CrescentRating first decided to separate its rankings into two different categories – one for Muslim countries...

GMTI's Top Muslim-Friendly Destinations 2011

Written bySubhashini
on 27 February 2015

With less than a week left for GMTI 2015 to be released, here's a throwback to 2011 – when CrescentRating released its very first Halal travel market research publication on the top Muslim-friendly destinations for 2011. Listed below are the top 10 rankings of the best destinations for Muslim travellers for the year 2011:  1st Place: Malaysia (  Malaysia was ranked the...

The History of GMTI

Written bySubhashini
on 26 February 2015

CrescentRating has been releasing annual rankings of Muslim-friendly holiday destinations over the past four years. These rankings have now been enhanced to become a global index - the MasterCard-Crescentrating Global Muslim Travel Index ( - which will see its very first release on the 4th of March, 2015 - just one week away! With the unveiling of GMTI 2015 just days away,...

Indonesia to Target More Visitors With Muslim-Friendly Tourism

Written bySubhashini
on 23 February 2015

Indonesia's tourist arrivals‌ in have risen to 8.8 million in 2013 and the tourism sector expects to see a strong growth in numbers internationally - particularly amongst Middle Eastern countries. The government is taking measures to promote Indonesia as a Muslim-friendly destination by highlighting its best Muslim-friendly destinations. Destinations such as Lombok is establishing more Islamic centres and...

The Importance of the Muslim Travel Market

Written bySubhashini
on 19 February 2015

The Muslim travel market is one of the most lucrative and one of the most rapidly growing market segments in the industry. It is also one of the world's highest spending tourist markets. Therefore it is vital that destinations, businesses and travel-related entities take the needs of this market segment into consideration when devising business models and plans.

CrescentRating's Muslim-Friendly Hotel Rating System

Written bySubhashini
on 19 February 2015

Choosing an accommodation provider is one of the most crucial aspects of travel planning, for Muslim travellers in particular. There are several aspects that Muslim travellers need to check and verify before deciding on a hotel or resort - such as the availability of Halal food and prayer facilities. CrescentRating's proprietary hotel rating system helps make this decision making process...

Kyoto Sees an Influx of Tourists from GCC Countries

Written bySubhashini
on 11 February 2015

GCC tourist arrivals to Kyoto has seen a sharp increase in numbers. The number of tourists from the United Arab Emirates has increased by 139% during the period of April to December 2014, in comparison to 2013. The number of tourists from Qatar has increased by 1,135%. This increase in numbers is believed to be a result of the...

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Being a CrescetRating accredited travel agent in Spain, part of its network of partners, represents for us a great advantage. We know that, for Muslim travelers, trust, to meet their needs without worries, it is an essential element, especially when they travel to non-Muslim countries. The confidence inspired by CrescetRating is a crucial suppor...

Anuar Ibn Al Faquih
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Nov 14, 2014

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